10 Potential Flaws in Your Club’s Lead Generation and Follow Up

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In your club, you’re probably used to following up on trial pass leads that (hopefully) come in on a daily basis. The lead comes in, the salesperson emails or calls the prospect and (hopefully) they come in and sign up. This all sounds great on the surface, but what if I told you that this process, which happens in 99 percent of fitness clubs across the nation, is largely flawed.

Sales, as a field, has evolved. Personalized communication is proven to be the way to communicate with prospects, and when they sense that your sales team is treating them like a number, they’ll likely get a bad taste about your club and fail to follow up on their trial pass. Is your sales team having virtually the same conversation with all prospects? Or using the same follow-up methods?

Here are 10 things that might be flawed in your current lead generation and follow-up tactics:

1. Ignoring the Masses

Do you have offers that satisfy all parts of your club’s sales funnel? Remember that 85 percent of people are not looking to sign up with a fitness club when they visit your website. Clubs generally fail to create offers for the 85 percent and only focus on the 15 percent who might come into the club. A trial pass offer, specifically, only satisfies 5 percent of your website’s visitors. Why would you not offer the other 95 percent something to get them at least interested in your club?

2. One Landing Page

Most fitness websites have one or maybe two landing pages with slightly varied offers: “Take a FREE Class” or “Try Our Club for 7 Days FREE.” It’s proven that clubs that have more than 20 landing pages on their website will increase their lead generation by more than 300 percent. So if one landing page takes care of one offer, it’s time to start thinking about what other offers your club can generate to acquire more leads.

It’s proven that clubs that have more than 20 landing pages on their website will increase their lead generation by more than 300 percent.

3. Where’s the Blog?

Does your website have a blog that educates your visitors on topics having to do with fitness? If not, you’re missing opportunities in virtually all aspects of Internet marketing and exposure. Blogs are the number one way to be found on the Internet and the greatest method for attracting visitors. Wouldn’t it be great if your sales staff could see what blogs prospects are reading before contacting them?

4. Call-to-Action Placement

Many clubs have one call to action on the homepage, and all of the other pages are forgotten. Give yourself a higher probability of interacting with a prospect by placing calls to action on all pages of your site with varying offers for all three parts of the funnel.

5. Visitor Insights

If your sales staff is simply following up on a trial pass lead without any insight as to what the prospect is looking for in your club, then they are most likely going to be having the same conversation with every prospect. Follow-ups should be personalized for every prospect. Everyone is different, and all prospects have different needs. If your sales staff could actually see what pages of your website the prospect has visited before making the contact, how much more personalized will the follow-up be?

6. Custom Lead Scoring

Contrary to popular belief, there is a point at which you can follow up on a prospect too early. If you have several offers on your website for the prospect to take advantage of, you can score the lead according to the number of times he or she has taken advantage of an offer. If you had a method to score each lead as they came in, you can ensure that your sales staff will have a great conversation with a prospect virtually every time, plus you will greatly increase the chances of the prospect moving forward in whatever direction you want them to go.

7. Lead Nurturing

Clubs are so used to the “Get them in now” mentality. Would you believe that the average time from when a visitor first comes to your website to when they sign up is 26 days? Get these visitors to interact with you faster by email nurturing, newsletters and your blog’s RSS feed.

8. Follow-Up Automation

Firing off an email to every prospect can get pretty monotonous for your sales staff…unless the emails are automated. Putting in place a system where your club can interact with prospects on a personal level through an automated system can allow your sales team to spend less time typing to warm leads and more time talking to hot leads.

9. Social Media Monitoring

What if your sales team could monitor a specific campaign you were running in your club on Twitter and Facebook? They could follow up with anyone who mentions your club through social media and be able to correspond or get involved in a conversation very easily.

10. Tools

Some clubs have policies that disallow communicating with prospects via text. Most prospects under the age of 30 however, would actually appreciate being invited to the club via text or social media versus receiving a phone call.

So you already know that every lead is an opportunity to grow your membership base. How many of these flaws exist in your current sales process? Make it a priority to check off these items in the near future so that you can sleep well at night knowing that your sales process is a well-oiled machine.

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