10 Things That Will Increase When you Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

 Logically, if you can figure out a way to increase the number of visitors to your website every month as well as increase the number of leads that your website generates every month, you will give your sales team more chances to convert more leads into members, right? If you think about this on the surface, you can decide in a split second whether you currently have a strategy to increase traffic to your site or not. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is loaded with club owners that don’t understand how a website plays the most important role in lead generation now and into the future. These are the same owners that readily admit that their traditional advertising methods aren’t working like they used to, but they continue to employ those methods month after month while ignoring the net.

inbound-marketing-agency.jpgWhether you realize it or not, over 80% of people that are looking to join a fitness club are going to begin their search online. If these 80% of people don’t find you – you lose to your competitors. So the easiest logic in the book is to step it up when it comes to your website. Not only should you step it up, but you should also be having an aha moment right now in the realization that your website is your key to solving your worries in more that just a few ways.

So now that you’ve realized that your website is your key marketing component, you have no idea what to do first. Do you hire a web design company? Do you hire a marketing company? Do you find employees at your club to take care of it? Or do you hire the best of all worlds, an inbound marketing agency?

Let’s take away the mystery. Here are ten things you’ll see increase when you hire an inbound marketing agency to help you put your club(s) where it needs to be online*.

1. Website Traffic

This is the fundamental element to attaining more leads. When you increase traffic, you get more leads. Just for shits and giggles, the average amount of leads a club will receive after hiring an agency is 1.7% of the total number of visits to the site. So if you have 10k visits to your website now, you should have at least 175 (new) leads to work with. (Note: we find the percentage fluctuates depending on two variables: the type of club you own and the average dues members pay per month. The higher the dues are, the lower the percentage is. The 1.75% is based on $35 dues every month.)

2. New Leads

Typically, as an agency, clubs will come to us at a visit to lead conversion of .7% to .9%. This usually means that there aren’t enough conversion paths created on the website to turn visitors into leads. This is always a priority focus for any agency. When you combine more traffic with more offers, you get more leads.

3. Content

An agency’s primary focus is making sure their client is the authority in the market. The only way to get this done is to create killer content that people in your geographic area that are interested in health want to read. Your agency will work with you on a budget that will allow them to consistently pump out content that will increase traffic and create more leads.

4. Member Retention

Keeping members is a lot cheaper than finding new ones. Your agency will create content for current members that keep them loyal to your club. This causes fewer people to leave and allows more member revenue to be put in the register.

5. Website Pages

Amazing inbound marketing agencies have great marketing sense, but they also have great design sense as well. While you’re working with an agency, they will continuously be adding more and more beautiful pages to your website. More pages and more content equals more SEO, which makes your rank higher on search engines for relevant keywords. This means more traffic, which, as you know, leads to more SQLs.


6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential to make sure that when people are searching for your club’s services, they find your club and not your competitor’s. The number of keywords for which your club appears on the first page is going to increase significantly. More keywords equal more traffic, which equals…? You guessed it — Leads!

7. Offers

A single trial offer is not going to generate many leads. When you hire an inbound marketing agency you can depend on the number of offers visitors can take advantage of in exchange for their information to go up. Downloadable content on your site is essential to building your sales team’s pipeline.

8. Sales

Your sales team is going to experience what it’s like to have a solid pipeline of sales qualified leads (SQLs). Certified inbound marketing agencies have adopted sales enablement programs that teach your sales team’s how to close inbound leads. This increases close rates by up to 20%. So think about it, if you receive 100 leads per month, and your sales team closes 20% of them (20), what difference would it make to increase that to 30 or 40% every month. Can you say cha-ching?

9. Staff Continuity

Clubs that adapt a total inbound conversion experience the best results. Inbound marketing is “cool” and the more your managers and staff adhere to the inbound philosophy, the better the results. Clubs that have more traditional sales methods don’t necessarily have a structured sales flow that coordinates with an overall philosophy. This can produce results but not the best results.


10. Knowledge

You may be scratching your head now on how to take care of this “online thing” but you won’t be scratching your head long after hiring an agency. Great agencies take you along for the ride and teach what they are doing all along the way, as well as provide resources for which you can learn more. For the inbound methodology to work well, you will take an educational approach that will allow you to gain more knowledge of this type of marketing.

So, if you can increase the ten items above with the resources you already have at your club, then you don’t need to consider hiring an inbound marketing agency. But, if you can’t, then just click the banner below. (shameless plug ;o)

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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