4 Awesome Ways Your Website can Convert Leads Into Members (MOFU)

Before we explore how to convert ‘Middle of the Funnel’ (MOFU) leads into members of your fitness club, we need to understand where these people are in the Buyer’s Journey. The Buyer’s Journey consists of three separate phases: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. MOFUs are aware that they need to improve their health, and they know getting in shape is one of the best ways to accomplish that.

Now that they’ve moved past Awareness, they are on to the next phase in the Journey; Consideration. They’re now researching all of their options and considering how they can accomplish their fitness goals. Should they buy workout DVDs and exercise at home or should they join a fitness club? Your challenge is to show them all of the ways your club can help them. Here are the top 4 ways to help you accomplish that:

convert leads into membersTestimonials & Case Studies

You can tell the world how great your club is and how much you’re helping people get in better shape. Or, you can let your members do it for you. The latter will move people far more than anything you could ever say. For people who are committed to improving their health and fitness, testimonials and case studies are just what they’re looking for in considering whether or not your club can help them reach their goals.

These people want to read about how your trainers are helping members lose weight after years of struggling unsuccessfully trying to do so on their own. They want to read about how much fun your members are having in the fitness classes at your club. They want to hear from your members about how your club changed their life, making them healthier and happier. People want to know that they too can experience the same results.

Images of People Working Out at Your Club

Do you know who your member personas are? Are you targeting a particular demographic? Do you own a women’s only fitness club? Do you want to attract mostly athletes? Or do you cater to families and people of all fitness levels, young and older alike? A picture is worth a thousand words. So, show lots of pictures on your website of real members working out that match the people you’re trying to attract.

A word of caution: If you’re focused on families as your target demographic, be careful not to post too many members with perfectly toned, muscular bodies on the pages of your website. Although your intent might be to show people that they can look that ripped too, it could be intimidating to many newcomers who are already self-conscious about their bodies. Those images would be better suited if you’re trying to target athletes to join your club.

EBooks & Blogs:

Give and you shall receive. If you’ve been reading our blogs for any length of time, you know we’re huge advocates of providing instructional, helpful content that people can learn from and apply in their everyday lives. It’s like walking through a grocery store or a marketplace full of restaurants where they offer free samples of food. They have a much better chance of getting you to buy if they offer you a free sample so you can taste how good their food is.

Offering free ebooks and blogs can produce a similar result. Show people that you are a thought leader in health and fitness. Give them some samples of what they can expect if they became a member of your club. Draw them in by providing a free education on things they can do to make healthier food choices and get more exercise.

Remember, these are people who are considering the best way to improve their health and fitness. By offering free and helpful advice, they’ll come to rely on you for your expertise. Eventually, they’ll want to take their relationship with your club to the next level and become a member.

Trial Offers

MOFUs like to sample food before they order. They don’t like to buy shoes online because they can’t try them on first. They want to date before they get married. So it goes with committing to a club membership; they want to take your club for a test drive and kick the tires first. So let them.

They’ve read all of the testimonials and case studies about your club. They’ve seen real people just like them working out and having a blast. They’ve downloaded ebooks and read the content you’ve provided on your website. Now, they want to come in and see what your club is like for themselves. If they experience for themselves all of the positive things they’ve seen and read about your gym online, they’ll have entered the Decision phase. All you’ve got to do now is reel them in and convert leads into members!

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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