Make Your Fitness Club Lots of Money with These 5 FREE Offers

make your fitness club lots of money

The first phase of the inbound marketing methodology is all about attracting visitors to your website. People are scouring the internet every single day looking for fitness advice. They’re looking to find information on how to lose weight, build muscle, eat better, and live longer healthier lives. Fitness clubs that choose to offer helpful advice will be the ones that gain the mindshare of people in the community, which translates into trust and more new member sign ups.

The best way to attract the most visitors is with free offers. Offers help spread the net far and wide, filling the top of the marketing funnel (TOFU) with as many prospects as possible. The more prospects you can put in the top of the funnel, the more new members you will drop out of the bottom of the funnel (BOFU).
Attracting visitors to your club with free offers helps people trust that your club can help them reach their fitness goals. You become an authority on health and fitness in the community. Your leadership in your area translates into more people who are willing to join your club and follow your lead as you help them get in the best shape of their lives. People are more than ready to give you their money if they believe you can help them. But it all starts with attracting them, by offering them something for free.

Here are 5 Common Free Offers You Should be Promoting to Make Your Fitness Club More Money:

1) FREE Advice (Converts 1 to 2%*):

Regularly posting free workout, nutrition, exercise, and health advice through your blog is the number one way to attract visitors. Your website becomes a magnet, drawing people to it because of the wealth of information it provides. Visitors will keep coming back in expectation of what they will learn from reading your latest blog post. As a result of what they’re learning, people will begin to trust that your club can help them reach their fitness goals. Blogs help you attract more visitors, creating more opportunities to reach more people who’ll eventually want to sign up and join your club.

People are more than ready to give you their money if they believe you can help them.

2) FREE Ebooks (Converts +/-18%**):

Ebooks take the education visitors are getting from you to another level. You can create ebooks that provide details on how to perform strength training exercises, eat healthy, outline a 90-day workout routine, and so on. But the best part about offering a free ebook is that the visitor must fill out a form providing information about themselves before they can download the ebook. Once they complete the form, you begin collecting data about your new prospect. Each time they want another ebook, they must fill out another form that gives you, even more, information about them.

This “you-give-me-something-and-I’ll-give-you-something-in-return” strategy creates a pipeline of leads for your sales team. You now have intelligence into who’s been visiting your website and what interests them. Your new insight helps you to construct a complete profile from of the data you’ve collected on each lead. Your sales team can now call these prospects and discuss specific ways your fitness club can help them reach their goals. This is the power of inbound marketing, backed by a strong sales team, you can make your fitness club lots of money with FREE content.

3) FREE Group Training/Fitness Classes (Converts +/-15%**):

Group classes make working out fun. Most group classes have a high energy atmosphere where people are sweating away unwanted fat while building and toning muscle at the same time. The instructors keep things exciting so attendees can have a blast while they’re getting in shape. For many, this is what will draw people to your club.

Group classes are a great TOFU/MOFU offer as they get people to visit the club. Once inside the club, they can get a feel for all of the amenities. Most likely they will have enjoyed their experience in the group class which will probably lead to them wanting to join the club so they can keep taking the classes.

make your fitness club lots of money

4) FREE Functional Movement Screening (Converts +/-15%**):

Another excellent MOFU offer is a Functional Movement Screening (FMS). People who are new to working out may not know where and how to start. They may also be reluctant to walk into a club asking about hiring a personal trainer. Promoting the benefits of a free FMS to members is an excellent way to gain additional revenue from current members that are looking to hire a personal trainer. It’s also a great way to give direction to MOFU prospects that are looking for the right club to join.

5) FREE Fitness Assessment (Conversion rate +/-15%**):

Members come to the gym; they work out, and then they go home. Are their workouts producing the results they want? Or have they hit a plateau? The information you receive is your opportunity to find out where your member’s fitness level is currently and find out if they’re happy with the results they’re getting from working out on their own. If not this is a great time to introduce them to a Personal Training program. For most potential members, this kind of free consultation can make all the difference.

There are hundreds of free offers you can create to promote at your club. Don’t be afraid to “free” yourself into increasing visitors to your website because “free” will ultimately make your fitness club lots of money, and it gets current members and prospects to interact with your club. If you couple “free” with advanced analytic software such as HubSpot you can use “free” to collect prospect information that will allow you to cast your marketing net far and wide and it will also keep your sales team pretty darn busy.


* Website visitor to lead conversion percentage.
** Lead to member conversion percentage.
— Statistics based on Inbound Fit’s analysis of buyer behaviors of fitness clubs we represent using inbound marketing tactics. NOTE: We wouldn’t be able to obtain these statistics without the amazingness of HubSpot’s marketing platform.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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