An Introduction to Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

For much of the last century, marketing has revolved around blindly reaching out to customers. Companies send out messages that they believe customers want to hear, hoping that this communication will translate into sales. Although this is the way marketing has traditionally been done, it doesn’t mean that this is the right way.

A new form of marketing, known as inbound marketing, flips the script on the old-school marketing tactics that are no longer effective. Instead of shouting from the rooftops and proclaiming their superiority, companies now use inbound marketing to entice customers to come to them. No longer will you have to actively seek new customers. With inbound marketing, customers come to you, and they’ll be highly motivated to support your brand.

Inbound Marketing 101

How does inbound marketing work? Inbound marketing is all about providing value. In outbound marketing, the banner ad or commercial you create may inform or entertain the viewer. But it doesn’t tell them anything they don’t already know. However, inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to educate your customer base. In this way, not only can you proclaim that you have the best fitness center, but you also have the platform to show that you’re an expert in the fitness industry.

Inbound Marketing and Your Fitness Club

Fitness is a particularly ideal industry for inbound marketing. Many people are interested in getting into better shape, but just as many don’t know where to start. You can use blogs, videos and email newsletters to provide this information. For instance, you can show how to perform exercises, include healthy eating tips and detail entire workout plans. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. More significantly, you can also create content surrounding the success stories you’ve helped create.

As you create content surrounding your brand, you can distribute it via email or social media. If it’s really good, people will share it with others. The more people share, the more your customer base grows. This ties into perhaps the best feature of inbound marketing — the ability to track all of your content. Every time you upload a video or a blog, you’ll know exactly how many people read, liked and shared your work. This enables you to get to know your audience much better than you’d ever be able to in an outbound marketing arrangement. You can then use that feedback to produce content designed to generate the biggest possible response, growing your business even more.

Inbound marketing isn’t always easy, but it’s exponentially more effective than outbound marketing. You’ll reach more people than you’d ever reach with traditional marketing, and all you have to do is talk about the topics you really care about. Your new member acquisition costs will decrease while your new member signups will increase. With the right touch, you can use inbound marketing to make your fitness club the place to be in your community!

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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