Change for Your Fitness Club can be a Really Good Thing

Change for your Fitness Club

Change is difficult. That’s because there is a familiarity and comfort to find by sticking to a regular way of doing things. People are mostly creatures of habit who get settled into a routine that they’ve come to enjoy over time. And it’s no wonder because change is stressful.
And so it goes with changing from traditional marketing to inbound marketing. For some GM’s and fitness club owners, they’re ready to revamp their entire marketing strategy and go ‘all in’ with inbound. Logically, it just makes so much sense. They understand that the Internet has been in full swing for nearly 20 years, and that’s where people are spending their time shopping and learning today.

They also understand that they’ve been engaging in some inbound marketing techniques already by adding content to their website, posting content to their social media accounts, and using email to reach out to potential members. So for them, adopting the full inbound methodology will be an easy transition.

For others, well, it’s a bit more complicated for them. Implementing inbound will be a complete change from the way they’ve ever marketed their fitness club. What kind of ROI can I expect? Will it cost more or less than what I’m spending on marketing right now? How long will it take to get things going? These are all valid questions, and the answers can be provided by a certified inbound marketing agency.

Changes on the Horizon?

Since inbound is an entirely new approach to marketing for the fitness industry, some would like to get started by just dipping their toes in the water before jumping in head first. As mentioned earlier, change is scary. It’s very difficult to let go of one thing, and then reach out and grab hold of something else. Truth be told, the problem with just dipping your toes into the inbound marketing pool is that it just doesn’t work. You have to fully embrace the inbound methodology in order to see the value, to get your website attracting the masses of potential members in your community, to dominate Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and to start reaping the results of everything that comes with inbound.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. It’s tough to tell someone that can’t swim to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool and you’ll catch them. So the recommendation is to look at some of the marketing programs you’re running now to see which ones are producing the least ROI and replace them with inbound. Not only will this help you keep some traditional marketing campaigns running as you implement inbound, but it can also save you from spending any additional money on marketing. This strategy can allow you to reallocate existing funds to incorporate inbound, all within your current marketing budget.

Truth be told, the problem with just dipping your toes into the inbound marketing pool is that it just doesn’t work, you have to fully embrace the inbound methodology in order to see the value..

Eventually, as you measure your results, you’ll find that most of your quality lead generation is coming from inbound. That being the case, you will start reallocating more and more of your marketing budget to include more inbound since it’s providing you with a better ROI over anything else. Over time, the majority of the marketing you do for your fitness club will shift to inbound.

There is a general rule of thumb when trying to determine how much you should spend on inbound marketing for your fitness clubs; your investment needs to be sizable enough so you can realize an acceptable return. If the investment is too little, it will take much longer to build the foundation upon which everything related to inbound functions. A sizable investment will get everything structured and be operating much faster, leading to a significantly better ROI.

So as you seriously consider making the change to inbound marketing, remember that change can be a really good thing. An effective inbound marketing program will help you dominate your market, attract more visitors to your website, generate more quality leads, grow your membership, and increase your annual revenue. It’s only a matter of time before other fitness clubs in your area start changing over to inbound. Why not get a jump start by getting started and taking a commanding lead over all of them!

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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