Direct Mail, Baby Boomers and Millennials... Oh my!

The goal of any marketing campaign is to position your fitness club directly in the path of where people are looking for a club to join. These days, like never before, you want your club to have as strong of an online presence as possible. The reason is that the Internet is where most people go to search for fitness advice. Potential members are visiting websites to learn more about the club’s they’re interested in joining. But what about print advertisements such as direct mail campaigns? Are there instances where sending out mailers could be an effective marketing strategy?

photodune-1107999-mailboxes-m.jpgYes, there are times when a direct mail campaign can bring you great leads. Although the world has gone digital, there may be some within your community that still read offers that come through direct mail. Generally speaking, these are typically the Baby Boomers. Unlike Millennials that do everything via the Internet, Baby Boomers still enjoy going through their mail looking for discount specials on all kinds of things, including offers for new memberships to join a fitness club. Knowing this is where they are looking, and if your club has programs specifically designed to help seniors stay active, then direct mail is a viable marketing strategy to attract this persona.

Another appropriate application for mailer campaigns would be to announce that a brand new club will soon be opening up in the area. The mailer should contain an announcement to bring awareness to the community, creating a buzz to get people excited about the grand opening of the club. The mailer should also have the club’s website address so people can get more information about your new club. Also, be sure to include a URL that leads directly to a landing page for an offer or promotion you are having at the new club. Solely sending visitors from direct mail to your website’s home page gives visitors an extra step to follow through on during the process and diminishes the likelihood of early visitor drop-off.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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