5 Things Your Fitness Club's Competitors are Doing Better Than You

Is your competitor getting more new member sign ups than you? Is it because they have lower membership fees, nicer amenities, better equipment? Or, is it something else that’s drawing more and more people to their fitness club instead of yours? What are they doing that you’re not? What do they know that you don’t?

5 Things That Your Fitness Club Competition is Definitely Doing

To help you level the playing field, here are the top 5 things your fitness club’s competition may be doing to generate more traffic to their website. If you’re not doing these things, well, let’s just say you should start asap. (NOTE: We’ll also give you some quick tips to help you catch up to them. You’re welcome.)

1) Blogs

Do you know the number one way to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website and attract an enormous amount of potential members? Yeah, you guessed it: blogs. The internet has forever changed the way people access information. Consumers search the Internet to educate themselves about products or services long before they reach out to a company to purchase something. Your potential members are also searching for information. They are looking for helpful advice on health and fitness related topics. Once they find a reliable source for the information they’re looking for, they’ll be loyal readers. Then, when they are ready to commit to joining a club, they’ll join the club that’s been offering them free advice from the very beginning.

So if you’re not regularly posting new, original, and helpful content to your website, you’re missing out, big time. Your website should be a revenue generating machine! It’s not enough to spend thousands of dollars on a website; you’ve got to promote it! That would be like buying advertising space on a billboard that’s sitting out in the middle of the desert. Who’s going to see it? Publishing new blogs each week will eventually help you build credibility with Google thereby increasing your rankings, helping people to find your fitness club when they’re searching online.

Quick Tip: Wanna start stealing traffic away from your competitors? Start out-blogging the hell out of ‘em! Clubs that blog 20 or more times per month will receive 80% more leads than their competitors that aren’t blogging.

2) Member Testimonials

You can tell people you’ve got the best fitness club in the world until the cows come home. What club doesn’t say that? There comes a point where people don’t even hear that stuff anymore. When your sales people start that part of their pitch, all the prospect hears is Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice, “Wha, wha, whaaaaa, wha, wha”. They’ve heard it all before. Every club has the best this and that, the latest these and those, so forth and so on. That sales pitch is played out.

Member testimonials are probably the most powerful statement you can make to the public about your fitness club. People want to know that you’re not just saying you are changing people’s lives, you can prove it! Just like you want to see results with your marketing, people want to see real results from your club. In fact, showing images of perfect male and female models on your site can be a turn-off. Who looks like that? Show real results and you’ll convert more people into real members at your club.

Quick Tip: Get as many members as you can to give you their testimonials about how much they love your club and the results they’ve achieved. Compile all of them into a Testimonials Ebook and offer it for FREE on your website. Free stuff just might be what persuades many to join your club.

3) Ebooks

Ebooks are like blogs but on the next level. They give people more details regarding specific fitness related topics. Ebooks are where you separate yourself from the competition because most clubs don’t offer them. Ebooks are how you become a trusted source of fitness related information in the minds of prospective members. You’ll find people will download your ebooks again and again.

But wait, there’s more! Offering ebooks is a win/win scenario. For the prospect to download the ebook, they must tell you some things about themselves. Once they do, you’ll have a brand new shiny lead! Congratulations!

Quick Tip: Use smart forms when collecting information from people who are requesting to download ebooks. Smart forms remember everyone that previously requested downloads so they won’t be asked the same questions again. Smart forms will help you compile more information about the prospect.

4) Newsletters & RSS Feeds

Sending newsletters regularly about events, specials, or announcements keeps prospects engaged with your club. Keep your newsletters simple, interesting, and truly newsworthy. It’s just like Dr. Seuss’ philosophy in Green Eggs and Ham. At some point, something in your newsletter will pique their interest to come to your club.

Anytime you have something to announce about your club, send it in a newsletter to your entire email list. Send it to potential members, canceled members, and current members. You never know where your next lead will come from. Be sure to provide an “unsubscribe” link so people can opt out of receiving your newsletter.

Quick Tip: You can also include things like your latest blog posts (RSS Feeds) and ebooks. This way they don’t have to visit your website to read them. Your newsletter will put the information right at their fingertips.

5) Club Photos & Selfies

You just can’t go wrong with posting images of people having a great time working out in your club. Prospects want to see your members sweating their butts off, losing weight, gaining muscle, getting fit, and loving every single minute of it. You want images that portray that your club is rockin’, and members are having a blast!

Here’s some cool news regarding this: the cameras on the latest and greatest cell phones these days are amazing! You shouldn’t need to pay any extra money to hire a professional photographer to come to your club to take these photos unless you really want to. Always make sure your photos reflect the culture of your club.

Also, see if some of your members would be willing to take selfies with some staff members to post on your website. It’s all about enjoying a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle that you helped them create. Have some fun with it!

Quick Tip: The more, the merrier! Yeah, we know, this one’s pretty obvious.


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