How Successful is Your 'Get Found' Marketing Strategy

The fitness industry is getting more and more competitive all the time. Boutique and specialized fitness clubs must constantly find new and innovative ways to advertise if they want to continue gaining the mindshare of the public. This is especially the case whenever a very large, nationally recognized, super-club opens up in their area. How can a privately owned fitness facility compete with the big brand clubs?

Super-clubs have enormous brand name recognition. Once the word gets out that they’re “coming soon,” they automatically start attracting people long before their grand opening. Also, super-clubs are marketing juggernauts! They have the financial backing to get in front of tremendous amounts of people, getting them excited about joining their club and encouraging them to bring all their friends and family members along with them. It seems like they’re able to come into town and grab the entire community’s attention in one fell swoop.

If you own a smaller club offering personalized fitness services you’re going to need to break out the big guns. You’re going to need a state-of-the-art marketing strategy that will help you differentiate yourself from the super-clubs as well as the smaller, privately owned fitness facilities.

Here are a few things you can consider when putting together your ‘get found’ marketing strategy:

Your ‘Get Found’ Marketing Strategy on Search Engines

I hate buying cars. Don’t get me wrong; I like driving a new car, I like how driving a new car makes me feel, how the exterior looks, how the interior looks, and even how new cars smell. I just don’t like the process of buying a new car. But one thing is certain: the Internet has made the process of finding the car you want easier than ever before. You can find out anything you want about the car you want. You can pick the make, model, year, color, decide on cloth or leather interior, find out which dealerships have the best deals, and even apply online for pre-approval.

Car companies have a solid ‘get found’ marketing strategy. They make it as easy and convenient as possible for consumers to find their cars on the Internet. That’s how they can successfully compete with other manufacturers. Shoppers can find exactly the car they want before they step foot in the dealership.

People who are looking for a fitness club to join shop in a similar manner. They compare amenities, find out which clubs have the best new member enrollment specials, see what fitness classes are being offered by various clubs, find out about personal training programs, and a whole lot more. The prospect has already done their research long before they ever talk to a membership counselor at the club. The only question is; when they are searching, will they find your club or not?

Provide content on your website that clearly highlights everything that makes your club head and shoulders above the rest. Write blogs that support the types of programs you have in your club. You don’t need to promote your club in your blog. Rather, you can promote your philosophy and approach to fitness in the blogs you write.

For example, if your club specializes in training athletes for fitness events, then your blog content should reflect that. Use the appropriate keywords in your blogs and throughout the pages of your website that will alert search engines to guide searchers directly to you as the sole authority on training athletes in your community.

With the right ‘get found’ marketing strategy, you can successfully compete with other clubs, even the super clubs. Every piece of content you publish anywhere online needs to express the uniqueness of your club.

Not everyone wants to join a super club. Some people want a more personalized fitness experience. Other people may not know exactly what they want in a fitness club, but they’ll know it when they see it. Make sure you have a rock solid ‘get found’ marketing strategy, so when people are looking for you, you’ll be right there in front of them.


Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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