If You Can’t Measure It Why in the Hell Would You Do It? Stop it!

if you can't measure it

General Managers and Marketing Directors are experts at finding new and innovative ways of marketing their fitness club. It’s always a challenge to try and figure out what kinds of promotions will resonate and motivate people in your community to accept and promote your offer. Some promotions produce better results than others. Why? There are many factors that come into play such as, was the offer compelling enough to move people to action? Was it easy to read and understand or was it wordy and confusing? Are you sending out the same offer over and over again?

The issue with traditional marketing is that there are limited ways of measuring how well it’s working. Sending out door hangers and direct mailers, placing ads in magazines, on the radio and elsewhere all have the potential of being seen by thousands of people. How do you measure the effectiveness of each of those tactics? It’s difficult to calculate the true ROI you’re getting from traditional marketing. The biggest problem with doing things this way is you could be sending the same failing marketing materials out over and over again. What an enormous waste of money!

Additionally, you’ve no doubt spent a great deal of money on your website. If your club doesn’t look inviting online, people won’t bother stopping by to go inside. Do you know how much traffic you’re driving to your website each month? Do you know how much time people are spending viewing specific information on your site? Is your website converting visitors to members?

If You Can’t Measure it Then Stop the Madness!

if-you-cant-measure-it-body_25Your website should be a lead generating machine. It should be your primary source for increasing revenue. Using inbound marketing software, you can measure the success and effectiveness of every piece of content you put on your website. You can measure visits to your website, understand where the traffic is coming from, and compare whether or not the traffic is increasing or decreasing each month. You can track how many times visitors are viewing blogs and which topics are getting read the most. You’re able to track how many times ebooks are downloaded and who downloaded them. You would do well to focus on writing more of whatever content is attracting people the most.

Offers on the landing pages of your website are where the ‘visitor to lead’ conversions takes place. Inbound software gives you details regarding how many views your landing pages receive, how many people are filling out the forms on your landing pages, and what your conversion rates are on your offers. If the conversion rate is high, then it makes sense to make similar offers on your website. If the conversion rate is low, then you can perform A/B testing to determine what types of things could make the offer more enticing for people in the community.

An extremely effective marketing approach combines traditional marketing with inbound marketing. For example, let’s say you ran a promotion offering two free sessions with a personal trainer for everyone that signs up to join your club during a specific timeframe. Using traditional marketing, you send mailers into the community announcing this promotion. However now, your mailer directs people to a specific landing page on your website where people fill out a form if they want to take advantage of the offer. Everyone that fills out the form is now a hot lead. Your sales people are then able to call them to discuss the offer and encourage them to come to the club. Once you’ve got them inside the club, the up-sell opportunities are virtually endless.

It’s best to avoid spending money marketing things you are not able to measure. Spending money on marketing without a clear way of measuring the results amounts to rolling the dice with your club’s future. Every now and then you might get lucky and roll a seven. But the long-term health and wellbeing of your clubs deserve a much better marketing strategy than that. Start measuring all of the content on your website and you’ll start making better marketing decisions.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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