Inbound Acronyms for Club Owners to Get Familiar With

inbound acronyms

We’re always trying to figure out how to save time in implementing inbound strategies for clubs so whenever we discuss any details about inbound, in general, we frequently use acronyms to cut to the chase. I thought I’d list a few acronyms that you’ll frequently hear or see us refer to so that you can join in on the conversation.

5 Inbound Acronyms to You Should Get to Know

  • TOFU – Top of the Funnel – refers to 85% of your website visitors that are only on your website to read an article (or two), absorb information, download an ebook, etc. Top of the Funnel people are not ready to have you call them but they are ready to learn something about fitness topics, in general. TOFU people can go one of two directions: they can jump out of your funnel or they can move to the middle of the funnel (MOFU).
  • MOFU – Middle of the Funnel – refers to the 14% of your website visitors that are looking for reasons to join your club. They have already to decided to join a club… they just don’t know which one. These people need to realize your club is THE solution above everyone else. MOFU people love testimonials, pictures, amenities and the overall impression that your club will focus on their individual needs. MOFU people are where clubs should focus most of their attention to because they’re different between 125% ROI and 200% ROI. Convert more MOFUs and grow.
  • BOFU – Bottom of the Funnel – refers to the 1% to 2% of visitors to your website that respond to pricing offers such as “$0 Enrollment” or “Join now and pay nothing for 30 Days!” BOFU people are pretty much a slam dunk and you’d have to do something really bad to get these people to not become a member.

TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU can also refer to the types of offers on your websites. A stellar inbound foundation will include offers for all three levels of your funnel. Free eBooks are great TOFU offers, testimonial and success story eBooks are great MOFU offers along with the trial pass, and special incentives or discounts are great BOFU offers.

TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU can also refer to the types of offers on your websites. A stellar inbound foundation will include offers for all three levels of your funnel.

  • ISP – Inbound Saturation Point – a term coined by Inbound Fit. A great byproduct of Business 101 is “more money the merrier.” Believe it or not, there is a point where you can spend too much money ramping up your inbound strategy to where you’ll start seeing your ROI level out and actually start decreasing. If you do reach the inbound saturation point you can consider adding more to your online marketing budget for social, search and retargeting ads.
  • IAL – Inbound Aggression Level – again, Inbound Fit is hard at work again developing acronyms. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing this one pop up everywhere. The inbound aggression level refers to the budget you allocate for inbound marketing services and the expected return on that investment. Think of it this way… When someone signs up at your club and only invests two days a week in working out at your club they are going to achieve the same results that someone that works out five or six days a week, it’s just going to take longer. The same applies to inbound marketing; the more aggressive or higher your inbound marketing budget is the faster you’re going to see results. The more conservative your investment is, the longer to it will be to achieve results.

So develop your TOFU, MOFU and BOFU offers for your TOFU, MOFU and BOFU visitors by investing at the proper IAL that will not push you over the ISP and you’ll drive more leads and members to your club than ever before.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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