Inbound Marketing Expectations: Timely Results and Participation

The fitness industry is taking notice of all the ways inbound marketing can increase a club’s new membership sales. This new approach to marketing comes just in time as club owners are looking for more effective ways to promote their clubs online. It must be noted though that this new marketing methodology comes with a learning curve being that it is far different from the traditional marketing tactics clubs have been doing for decades. Adopting and embracing inbound requires that you open your mind to a brand new strategy. If you do, the possibilities are endless.

There are two main challenges you should be aware of as you make the decision to implement inbound marketing:

inbound marketing foundation.jpgFirst, you will not see instantaneous consistent results. Inbound marketing is a complete methodology that gradually promotes and builds your club’s online credibility while establishing your dominance as a leader in the fitness industry in your community. That doesn’t happen overnight. However, through a weekly process of creating helpful, informative, original content and publishing that content to your website, you will soon attract the attention of both the public and the search engines. So patience is required to allow the time needed to build up your club’s organic ranking on search engine results pages.

However, the results you’ll enjoy will be long-lasting. Unlike direct mail campaigns, radio ads, and pay-per-click campaigns, which become ‘out of site, out of mind’ once you stop running them, everything you publish digitally builds up your club’s personal library of content that will be accessible to online searchers now and forever! When it comes to posting content online, nothing gets deleted, ever. That’s why it’s important to create evergreen content that will remain relevant for years to come.

Second, your weekly participation is required. This is especially the case in the first 60 days of implementation. Unlike hiring a company to do print ads whenever you want to run another direct mail campaign, a successful inbound program requires your attention and involvement. Any promotions, events, fitness competitions, or special offers you want to run should be prominently displayed on your club’s website and tied directly to your inbound marketing program. Anything you do to generate leads inside your club must be communicated immediately to your inbound agency for digital promotion as well. You should plan on regularly scheduling time to strategize with your inbound agency so that they can help you explore all of the ways in which inbound marketing can help you convert more new memberships.

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