Internet Marketing Sin #1: Purchasing Email Lists (pfft)

Not too long ago, we gave a presentation to a club owner that was curious and wanted to learn more about inbound marketing. During the presentation, he kept bringing up the fact that he had purchased several email lists and wanted to know what we could do with those lists and what type of projections could we come up with on how useful those lists would be in acquiring new members for his club. After all, these lists weren’t cheap, and he needed to make the most out of them or risk losing money.

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Admittedly, the first time he popped the question I tried to pretend that I didn’t hear the question, and I kept going with the presentation. Like a champ, I didn’t miss a beat. But there are always pauses in our presentation to where I make sure everyone’s keeping up or if I need to go back over something one more time. I’ll be damned if I didn’t pause only to have him pop the question again, “What can we do with the 250,000 emails I purchased?” My first thought was to tell him to throw them in the trash, but then I knew, at that point, I’d be a good ole Texas dickhead, and he’d probably cut the presentation short. So I proceeded to tell him, nicely, that acquiring emails any other way than naturally was most likely not going to yield the results he was looking for and that it wouldn’t be the best idea to market to those lists. Unfortunately, he didn’t take too kindly to my solution, and we did not hear back from him after that presentation.

If you’ve ever purchased email lists, it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s never too late to change your ways. I mean, Justin Bieber can egg his next door neighbor’s house and still be forgiven by many of his fans. Heck, back in the day, Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear, and he’s still cool with a lot of people including Holyfield, himself, right?

Purchasing Email Lists is EXTREMELY Bad Business

junk mailThe Internet is full of predators that prey on naive business owners looking for a way to speed up the marathon that is Internet marketing. Supposedly, there are vast, endless, fruitful lists of emails out there of individuals within the local area of your club(s) that are looking to join a fitness club that you can just purchase and take part in perhaps the biggest Internet marketing sin of all. Unfortunately, these lists are compiled of worthless emails that have been condemned to the depths of Internet hell and will never get out. They are derived from people that veered off the beaten path one day and tried to take advantage of a “too good to be true” offer only to be suckered into giving up their private email addresses so they can be sold and destroyed by the highest bidder.

Just for the heck of it, I went on an Internet journey to find an Internet scumbag company that would take one of my phony email addresses and subject it to sheer torture.

And so it begins. It took my about two minutes to find this: LINK

No big deal, right? I put my email address in, and I get some free Burt’s Bees and some beautiful, delicate, angelic skin. On the next page, I was asked to fill out a form to indicate where I want my free samples sent to plus I had the option to subscribe to other great offers just like this one, so I did. On the following page I was asked to check other offers I was interested in; beauty, entertainment, health, etc. BOOM! That was is it!

The next day my obliterated mailbox contained a jillion spammy offers that I wasn’t at all interested. Ashley Madison? I’m extremely happily married to the love of my life, thank you very much. Gym offers, prescriptions, and some male enhancement pills to grow my member were among the offers. Needless to say, I tried to unsubscribe to try and save my inbox. I clicked the “unsubscribe” button, and I was prompted to enter my email address to unsubscribe. BOOM! That was it (again)! My email was then subjected to another layer of hell, and it tripled my junk mail. Just think, your club’s junk mail can be sent right alongside the junk I received (to the right.)

I was done, and this mailbox will never see the light of day. The best thing to do is delete it.

Ocean Front Property in…

The Internet is your base for promoting your club now and into the future. The speed at which it works can deceive fitness club owners or business owners, in general, into thinking there are ways to shortcut the system. It is estimated that over 2.5 million emails are sent every second of the day, and over 100 billion SPAM emails are sent every single day. Purchasing email lists could be perhaps the worst Internet marketing tactic of all time and if you think it’s going to shortcut your way to the golden pot of leads I have some Amazon rain forest property to sell you in Yuma, Arizona.

If you’re working with a purchased email list, please do yourself a favor and throw it away as fast as you can. There’s still time to step away from the dark side.

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