Is your Fitness Club Ready for Inbound Marketing?

ready for inbound marketing

No doubt you’ve heard inbound marketing is all the rage these days! Everyone is talking about it. It’s innovative, it’s sexy, it’s different, it’s cost effective, and most importantly, IT WORKS! But is your club ready for inbound marketing?

You’ve heard, inbound marketing can decrease your member acquisition costs while increasing your revenue and profitability. In essence: inbound marketing makes your fitness club the prettiest girl at the dance, and everyone is taking notice. How’s that for a word picture?

GIFReady for Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing methodology is the polar opposite of more traditional “outbound” marketing strategies of direct mail campaigns, print and broadcast ads, flyers… the ways most fitness clubs have been marketing themselves for decades. So transitioning to a brand new marketing approach can be a bit unnerving for some. But given all the positive things it can do for your club, it’s worth investigating. Congratulations on taking your first steps into this brave new world!

So is your fitness club ready for inbound marketing? Do you really need it? If your current marketing program is working, why change anything? When deciding whether you’re ready for inbound marketing as an overall marketing strategy, there are several things to consider. For example, what are your 12-month revenue goals? What is your plan for reaching those goals? How confident are you that your current marketing program will help you achieve those goals? (Side note here: if you’ve been running the same marketing campaigns over the past several years, it’s safe to say at best you’ll continue receiving the same results over the next several years. Is that satisfactory to you?)

Other things to consider are: What challenges do you anticipate you’ll experience while trying to reach your revenue goals? What timeframe do you have in mind for implementing a solution? Do you need to get started right away, or in two months, or six months?

Finally, what are the consequences for not reaching your goals? What are the negative implications if the goals are not met within the timeframe you’ve specified? The consequences will determine the importance of putting a plan in place to reach your goals.

And what are all of the positive aspects of achieving or even exceeding your goals? What are the rewards? What will achieving your goals allow you to do?

Here’s how you’ll know whether your fitness club is ready for inbound marketing:

1) Your website isn’t and hasn’t been generating enough leads.

2) You are looking for better reporting tools to analyze web traffic.

3) You are seeing diminishing returns from your current marketing efforts.

4) You haven’t been hitting your annual revenue goals.

5) You are actively looking for innovative ways to get more new member sign ups.

6) You want to lower your new member acquisition costs.

7) You want to have a more dominate online presence.

Saying yes to most or all of these questions means….. wait for it…. you’re ready! You’re ready to take your fitness club to the next level! You’re ready to start enjoying all of the benefits of inbound marketing that you’ve only heard about. You’re ready to put a plan in place to start achieving, even exceeding, your goals. And you’re ready to be the prettiest girl at the dance!

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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