Is Your Inbound Marketing Agency Part of Your Team?

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On their fiftieth wedding anniversary, a couple in their mid-seventies was asked, “What’s been your secret for staying together all these years?” The wife responded with a single word, “Communication”. The husband added, “You can work through anything if you just talk about it.” Truer words have never been spoken. The key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship of any kind is communication. Regular communication helps everyone get on and stay on the same page.

Consistent communication is also vital when working with your advertising agency to ensure your inbound marketing strategy is reaching its maximum potential. This communication method is in stark contrast to the way fitness club owners and GM’s have worked with their marketing vendors over the years. A simple call to the vendor to run a direct mail campaign to boost website traffic to generate leads was all that was needed. Maybe another call to the web design company to include a special offer on the website, and “voilá”, all done. The only thing left to do is wait for that special offer to bring in leads.

For decades, this “set it and forget it” marketing approach produced fantastic results. Unfortunately, a successful inbound marketing strategy takes more of a hands-on approach in this day and age. Why? There are a lot of moving parts to the inbound methodology. For example, newsletters need to be sent out announcing events and promotions occurring at your club. What would you like to say in your newsletter? There are social media posts to publish. What’s new in your club that you want your followers to know? There are leads to nurture. What would you like to say to potential members to persuade them to join your club?

All of these things, and much more need to be discussed with your inbound marketing agency on a regular basis so you can reach the widest possible audience of potential members each month. Without this level of regular communication, your marketing will suffer and achieve less than desirable results.

A Team Effort

Do you have a marketing team inside your club? How many sales reps do you have calling on leads? How often do you meet with your management team to strategize about ways to generate more leads? Why not have your inbound marketing agency involved in those meetings too?

Think of your inbound marketing agency as an extension of your internal sales and marketing team. If you’ve decided to run a print ad announcing a special offer, communicate that with your inbound marketing agency so they can build a landing page and track how many people showed interest in that offer. If you’re offering something specifically on Facebook to get more followers, communicate that to your inbound marketing agency. The agency will be able to develop the best way to get your message across so that you achieve your goal. Do your fitness trainers, sales or marketing people have any ideas on offers they think will generate more interest in the club? Share those ideas with your inbound marketing agency to uncover ways to implement those ideas digitally though the inbound methodology.

A partner is someone you communicate with consistently to strategize and work toward building the long-term growth and stability of your fitness club.

There are endless ways to market your club using inbound marketing. The best part is that everything can be tracked and measured. You’ll find out which pieces of marketing content you’re creating are resonating in your community and generating more leads, and what is just a waste of money. Your inbound marketing agency can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that can yield a tremendous ROI. However, it requires regular attention and consistent communication with your inbound marketing agency. It means thinking about your agency as a partner, not a vendor. A partner is someone you communicate with consistently to strategize and work toward building the long-term growth and stability of your fitness club. Vendors are a dime a dozen who only provide a service and wait for you to place your next order. Partnering with your inbound marketing agency will result in a more efficient marketing program, will generate more leads, and will increase your club’s revenue for years to come.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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