Marketing to Prospects WHEN They Want to be Marketed To

When it comes to business, timing is everything. If you want to make the best of a business opportunity, you should study the market. You never want to be too early or too late. If you’re too early, prospects may not be ready for your product or service. If you’re too late, they will already be someone else’s customer and you’ve lost them for good.

The same holds true when you’re marketing your fitness club. If you want to engage more prospects, it’s important to understand how they think and the process they go through before they make a buying decision. Not everyone will jump at the chance to take advantage of your “Sign Up Now and Get The First Month FREE” offer. At least not right now.

Here’s why: people go through three different stages before they sign on the dotted line and commit to becoming a member of a club. It’s called the Buyer’s Journey. Let’s take a closer look at each stage and see why presenting the right offer at the wrong time may not turn into a new sale.

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Awareness Stage

A person in this stage has just come aware of their situation. For whatever reason, they have now begun experiencing and expressing the desire to get in better shape. Perhaps through a recent visit to their doctor, they’ve come to grips with the health risks associated with living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. They now clearly understand the importance of making lifestyle changes and making fitness a priority.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean they’re ready to “Sign Up Now.” Joining a fitness club takes a commitment both emotionally and financially. Additionally, someone that has recently become aware of their need to get healthier hasn’t figured out yet that joining a club is the best way to accomplish their goal.

Consideration Stage

A person in this stage is now committed to researching and understanding all of the options available to helping them to get in better shape. They are seeking the advice from friends who have similar health and fitness goals to find out what’s working for them. They are looking for fitness advice online or on television.

Are they ready to “Sign Up Now?” Not necessarily. They are now weighing their options. There are plenty of things they can do without joining a fitness club to get in shape. They can buy subscribe to an online workout program. They can buy running shoes and start running around the neighborhood. They can start a diet program to lose weight. They are considering all of their options to figure out what works best for them.

Decision Stage

Finally, they’ve decided to join a fitness club. But that still doesn’t mean they’re ready to join your club. They are now compiling a list of clubs in their area and comparing monthly dues, amenities, programs, and promotions. They are whittling down the list to a select few clubs and ultimately making a final decision on which one to join.

What can you do to ensure they’ll join your club? Honestly, you can’t control whether or not you have all the amenities, programs, and other particulars every potential member may be looking for in a club. However, you should be showing them that you are an expert in everything related to health and fitness. Provide them with unlimited FREE resources to help them transform their lives. Offer free downloadable workout, healthy recipes, blogs, and other helpful social media posts and articles that grab their attention and are truly helpful to them.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey will help you create lasting members and even friendships. This process takes time and there are no shortcuts. However, marketing to prospects when they want to be marketed to will grow your membership sales and help you hit higher revenue goals.

Inbound Marketing for Your Health Club

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